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Welcome to Villa Marina Capri Hotel&Spa, the 5-star hotel in which you can experience total wellbeing.

A paradise
in paradise

Villa Marina is an authentic Caprese Villa overlooking the sea and surrounded by a luxuriant garden with typical Mediterranean vegetation.

An elegant house ready to unveil its amenities to those visiting the Blue Island.
Here you will find a warm welcome that evokes the Dolce Vita golden years, a time that carved Capri as a jet set privileged destination from all over the world, a timeless setting of beauty and culture.

For this reason architect Massimo Esposito, creator and builder of the hotel, dedicated each room and suite of Villa Marina to a character relevant to the history of the island and who contributed to the myth that still lasts today.

charming capri

Villa Marina is a destination in a destination. Privacy and peace are guaranteed benefits in this location that is only minutes away from all major places of interest of the island.

Garden & Open Spaces

The hotel’s luxuriant park, with seating, chaise longs, hammocks, and many comfort corners, to enjoy the Mediterranean sky surrounded by its heady colours.


An authentic Caprese Villa

Rooms & Suites

Studio Suite

Beautiful small terraces reveal a view of the Bay of Naples and the Sorrento-Amalfi Coast.


A tasteful journey


Local products are featured in a cuisine that has its roots in tradition, but is prepared to experiment new trends and fashions.


All Season Promotions

Luxury Retreat In Capri

Embark on a journey into your innermost self through the rediscovery of the five elements of cosmic creation: space, air, water, earth, and fire.


The LUXURY of culture, the CULTURE of luxury

A crossroads of cultures, a destination for the jet set, a beloved land by intellectuals and artists, a place of the heart for millions of visitors who walk along the streets every year.

The Jewelled Sandal

Treat yourself to an original Capri Sandal, the symbol of "Made in Capri".


Hand-Making Ravioli Capresi

Discover the secret recipe of hand-made Caprese Ravioli.


Discover Capri From a New Perspective

Discover the magic of our Capri island from ABOVE!


Discover the wilderness of capri

For nature lovers and our most active Guests.


Private Dinner Experience

A private space, a dedicated service to the most romantic and passionate moments.