Exterior of the Villa Marina Capri



The LUXURY of culture, the CULTURE of luxury.


Villa Marina Capri is the 5-star Boutique Hotel where luxury means nature, culture, and freedom. The inspiration comes from the early 20th century Capri, a literary, artistic, courageous, hedonistic Capri, undiscovered and unique in its manifestations. From the passion of that period was born the desire to dedicate each room to a character that characterised the island of the time.

The rooms, the furnishings, the gardens, the gastronomy, the well-being are all elements of a story that wants to narrate a tale of Hospitality, Culture, Amazement, Harmony and Enchantment.

The Villa is an oasis in Mediterranean style where the colours enhance nature and every detail is designed and created to give atmosphere and personality to every area.


Capri, a sweet marooning

Small bays, beaches and rocks, paths and panoramic viewpoints, alleys, gardens and squares. These are the safe and essential destinations. But it is the heart that defines the boundaries of a beloved place, rather than geography. And when we leave, the mind looks for signs that bring us to that place. Fragments, borders, landscapes.

Pet friendly

Villa Marina is pleased to welcome guests accompanied by their pets.

Everything handy

Privacy, relax, tranquillity are the advantages of a location that allows you to reach in just a few minutes all the major places of interest and nightlife of the island.

Marina Grande is the gateway to Capri, a crossroads of cultures, a destination for the jet set, a beloved land by intellectuals and artists, a place of the heart for millions of visitors who walk along the streets every year.

La Piazzetta, the world’s parlour, is an unmissable location to enjoy in the company of the “granita” stands, the ancient and traditional ice cream shops and cafés, a route that no one wants to turn down. There is so much glamor in the prestigious shops and in the exclusive jewellers that follow one another in via Camerelle!

From the quiet refreshment to the exuberant vitality in A FEW MINUTES.


1. Best Rate Guaranteed

2. 10% discount for Dinner at our Ziqù Restaurant