Interview with the Executive Chef Manuele Cattaruzza

10  August  2019

Where do you take your inspiration from when conceiving your creations?

I like to think of my cuisine as a traditional cuisine, made of everything our

land can offer. Everything I do comes from the local tradition. So, what I try to

do is to combine tradion and innovation, so to appeal to the most refined

taste of an even more internation audience.

What do you think is the identity of the Ziqù Terrace Restaurant?

That's quite an easy question to answer. The Ziqù Terrace Restaurant is a

sea view terrace disclosing the magic of the Gulf of Naples. The restaurant is

a place whose key concept is quality, rather than quantity. Ingredients are

crucial. Local, seasonal and authenitc ingredients. 

I believe that ingredients have some sort of evocative power. They tell us

stories. Stories of places, traditions and people. By respecting the real nature

of ingredients we let them speak and tell these stories.

Tell us more about this.

Sure. As I was saying, the quality of ingredients is a necessary condition. We

are lucky enough for living in a place which every day gives us incredibly

good ingredients. Everything you need you can find it here: from fish to the

meet of Campania's mounts and valleys, from fruits to vegetables - which

both come from our garden. In fact, we ourselves produce courgettes,

lemons, apricots, basil, peppers, thymus, parseley and much more.

How would you describe your relationship with Capri?

As a very deep and intimate relationship. Here I found the love of my life and

a fulfilling professional career. After all, I am in love with the sea, as I was

born in Jesolo, not so far from Venice. 

Nowadays, the TV is floaded with cooking programs and talent shows. What do you thing of this?

I think this is a positive thing. Because of these programs people get to know

the beautful world of food and learn more about the importance of the quality

of food - along with its relevance to people's health. Also, people have the

chance to understand how hard and demanding a career in cooking can be. 

Do you have any wish as a chef?

The guest satisfaction as he/she leaves the restaurant. I was born and raised

in the the family restaurant's kitchen. This means that I know what it takes to

prepapre a good dish. Thus, my happiness does not only come from

cooking, but also from guests happiness.

Ziqù Terrace Restaurant. A place where to experience the magic atmosphere of Capri through its ingredients.


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